Men’s Club

The Men’s Club cultivates the highest principles of Judaism and supports the furtherance of the Shul vis-à-vis its social, cultural and fundraising events. The Men’s Club fosters friendship and religious spirituality in the course of many of its wonderful programs held throughout the year, such as the highly successful bowling league, the Annual Paid-up Membership Dinner, Friday Night Shabbat Services and associated events and other regularly scheduled monthly activities including movie nights, guest speakers, fishing, and golf night.

The Men’s Club provides support to the Shul by setting-up for the High Holidays, constructing the Sukkah, hosting the Chanukah party, holding the Passover Wine Sale, and mailing memorial candles to commemorate Yom Hashoah so that we shall never forget.

We are a strong and vital Arm of the Shul, one that is active and continues to grow and flourish under life’s trying and demanding times. Individually, each and every one of us makes a significant difference and is charged with advancing forward for the greater good of Conservative Judaism. Given this, each man of our Congregation is encouraged to join the Men’s Club. We each convey our own unique perspective with all others involved, and together we are the Men’s Club. We always look to one another for innovative ideas. Bring yours and join us! Be positive, be active and enjoy.

Dave Kamlet
Men’s Club President