Congregation Beth Tikvah is a center for Jewish learning. From Adult Education and Hebrew School to monthly Lunch-and-Learns programs. There is always something to pique your interest.

Our CBT Hebrew School is a special place where children can learn and appreciate modern Hebrew, Jewish history, prayers, traditions, and rituals. As a one day a week program, we strive to provide cultural enrichment for families to enjoy together. We stress not only reading, but understanding Hebrew language, prayers, and our rich Jewish traditions.

The school reaches out to families with various backgrounds in Judaism, be they strong or not, but who are looking for practical ways to instill their faith and culture into the lives of their children. Regardless of religious background or level of observance, students at our Hebrew School will acquire a broad-based knowledge of Judaism in an appealing and enriching environment. Our teachers do not merely give out facts. They relate to the children individually and take genuine interest in their personal success. Ultimately, students learn and have fun as they gain insight into their faith and heritage.

Lunch-and-Learn with Rabbi Weisblum is one of our most popular events, attracting many congregants who enjoy the interesting topics and the opportunity to participate with thoughts and questions. Featuring a delicious catered dairy lunch.

The CBT Lecture Series started as a way of learning ‘together’ during the pandemic via Zoom lectures and has evolved into a regular congregation program. The lectures cover a wide variety of topics and invite lively, interactive discussions.

Shabbat Breakfast Club meets every Shabbat morning, before Shabbat Services, to enjoy a light breakfast and a lively in-depth discussion of the weekly parsha (Torah reading) using ancient and modern commentaries.

At our annual Shavuathon, we get together to teach and learn from each other, on any aspect of Judaism, from Jewish sports trivia to the ethical treatment of animals to the layout of the Temple.

Throughout the year there are Adult Education programs with Rabbi Weisblum. These cover numerous aspects of Jewish ritual and tradition, to life as a Jew in America and the world.

Please refer to our High Holiday Guide for a full list.

Ada Marcus & Harvey Rabinowitz

Co-Education Vice President